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Sony VAIO LaptopTruePerformance - Push the boundaries of what performance could be.
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Dell Studio 17 is particularly suited for temperate multimedia use and a good choice if you consider a high-quality screen
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HP HDX 16t Brilliant full HD display; Above-average performance; Powerful discrete graphics; Strong wireless scores; Good battery life
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Nikon 5000 compact and admirably quiet DSLR that inherits the self-cleaning 12-megapixel sensor, 11-point AF module
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Apple Macbook it’s a computer that will let you do whatever you want, even though some of those things are probably beyond its capabilities. It won’t say “no” when you want to open 20 tabs and eight apps and then edit a photo. (Though, sometimes, with a fan and spinning beachball, it will say “uncle.”) Most of all, it’s a computer that is familiar. It does everything you expect in a way that you’re used to.